L'Imagier du vivant / Exhibition from 16 September to 31 October 2021
Opening on Thursday 16 September from 6pm

" In my childhood home there were cabbages, green beans, carrots, potatoes and a few fruit trees. At the end of the garden was a rabbit hutch, which I approached with fear, surprised by their sudden gallops. Flowers grew around the well (...) I now live in Paris, but I still carry all those vivid sensations from my childhood and I like to bring them back to life in my paintings.

At the beginning of Martin Jarrie was a landscape, that of the valley of the Sèvre in which flows this important tributary of the Loire, the Sèvre Nantaise. From the bottom of his parents' garden, he could see the Saint Martin farm, but he could also make out La Jarrie on the other bank, where he lived his first years. His attachment to this childhood land was so strong that Martin Jarrie chose the names of these places as his pseudonym.

"One belongs to one's childhood as one belongs to a country..."
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

It is also the memory of the nature of his youth, which is still very present, alongside the Italian primitives, art brut, 18th century anatomical engravings, the American painter Robert Zakanitch, surrealism and the Manufrance catalogues, among the great muses of the French illustrator and painter, and which gives his work a unique character.

A small piece of garden, near the rabbit hutch, which is transformed into a cornucopia in " L'Imagier du vivant" to spread fruits, vegetables and animals before our dazzled eyes as tired city dwellers. A whole universe dreamed up in a few square metres...

Martin Jarrie is represented by Adoráble ART+DESIGN gallery in The Hague, Netherlands.
In 1997 he won the Grand Prize at the International Illustration Biennale in Bratislava for two albums. In 2002, " Au bout du compte " (text by Régis Lejonc) was awarded the Baobab (best album prize) in Montreuil.
"Hyacinthe et Rose" (text by François Morel, 2011) and his book " Rêveur de cartes " (2013) received a Special Mention at the International Children's Book Fair in Bologna.

Since 2007, his paintings can be seen at the Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature, rue des Archives in Paris. His work has been exhibited in Japan and Portugal where a major exhibition was dedicated to him in 2005.
His work has also been shown in retrospectives at the Musée de l'Illustration de Moulin in 2007 and at the Musée de l'Electricité in Lisbon in 2012.

Please note that a health pass is required for access to the exhibition opening.

" L'imagier du Vivant ", published by Seuil Jeunesse - €15.50

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