Gaspard De Lalune

Gaspard de Lalune, was born in 1876 in Bordeaux. He began his career as an artist in 1898 and would have participated in the DADA movement before the surrealist discord. Author and thinker, he makes plans on the comet to escape the gravity of life by means of word games, approximations deliberately absurd. Mixing engravings and typographies, he has for ambition to revolutionize the way of thinking of the society of the time. He panache with poetry, humor and incandescent aesthetics. Often with his head in the moon and his eyebrow raised, he nevertheless keeps his feet on the ground, he likes croissants and says "chocolatine".
He is one of those who fight for the best and for laughter. Not an alcoholic for a drunk, he takes advantage of the time that passes like an epicurean desperately seeking a meaning to life knowing full well that life has no meaning...

Artazart exhibited "Down to Earth" in 2018.