Jean-Baptiste Pellerin aka Backtothestreet

In 1990, after graduating from photography school, Jean-Baptiste Pellerin rushed to the streets to put into practice what he had learned. During a long period, he practiced what is called "stolen photography" in the working class neighborhoods of major cities. In 2015, it is the turning point. He watches the real-fake documentary of BANKSY "Make the wall" and then makes documentary films and a report on the refugees of La Porte de la Chapelle. The idea of giving back to the street what he had taken from it, appeared to him as an evidence. The stolen portraits are restored.

Since then, using the biggest gallery, the street, under the name of BACKTOTHESTREET and according to this concept, he sticks his photos under glass on the walls of the big cities of the whole world.
Today, there are more than 4000 small postcard-sized photos (10x15cm) that have been sealed between a ceramic tile and a glass plate and then cemented onto city walls. You could also discover them at Artazart in spring 2020.