Marion Livran is a Parisian artist. Initially trained in engraving, she fell in love with linocut, which she has been practicing for the past 5 years.

Very sensitive to the body, to what it gives to see, to touch, to feel, to its movements, its density, its composition... she tries to capture the fragility of this envelope and the trace that our emotions, our lives leave in it, on the surface and in depth.

It is these moments of epiphanies that fascinate her, these waves that break in us and make us alive.

"I like to be interested in the invisible, what sets in motion or what freezes. The body has answers even before they reach our consciousness (if we know how to listen to it). It is these moments of epiphanies that fascinate me, these waves that surge through us and make us alive.


Bastien Figuié aka UNIKO, is a young art director trained in design in the south of France, in love with minimalist branding, beautiful letters and pure forms. After having worked in various Parisian communication agencies in the luxury and corporate sectors, it is quite natural that he wished to widen his field of action and jump the gun... to finally present his illustrations. Minimalist, joyful, sometimes abstract or typographic, Bastien's work keeps as a common thread frank and assumed colors and the energy that emerges. Bastien Figuié works today as a freelance art director.


Piment Martin

Behind Piment martin is Marion BEGUE, graphic designer and illustrator.

She has big green eyes and an indomitable mane. Her main subjects: objects, plants and this little totem woman who looks like her. Marion goes from still life to very lively illustrations where she puts forward the woman and her body as an ode to femininity. She likes above all the banal scenes that we forget to look at like a vase put on a table and represents in her illustrations the small theaters and details of the daily life, their poetic and humorous sides.

Her illustrations are inspired by her many plants, flea markets filled with quirky objects and happy finds, and the travels she has taken.

Benjamin Schwartz

Originally from California, Benjamin Schwartz has been living in Paris since 2018.
A multi-disciplinary artist, he has worked in film, photography, but also in fashion as a self-taught designer and shoemaker.

His latest series on the breads of various Parisian bakeries, done in pastels, explores our link with this essential food of the French diet; its history, its craft.

Benjamin Schwartz also hopes to partner and collaborate with international social justice organizations that focus on food waste and access to quality food on projects that blend humanitarianism and art.

Lucile Chanteloup

Lucile is a 26-year-old French illustrator from the Guérande peninsula. Fascinated by the power of images since her childhood, she started her artistic career in Berlin in 2019. She now works from her studio in Paris and sometimes slips away to visit the Atlantic Ocean.

Through colors both bright and soft and rounded shapes, Lucile wishes to convey a message of optimism, to make people smile, to brighten up a day and to draw attention to the importance to give to others and to nature.

Her creative techniques range from digital design to acrylic painting to ink drawing. As far as printing is concerned, she prefers to use artisanal and ecological techniques (risography, serigraphy, linocut).

Martin Jarrie

Painter and illustrator, Martin Jarrie works for the press and publishing, in France and abroad. In 1997 he won the Grand Prize of the International Illustration Biennial of Bratislava and two special mentions at the Bologna Children's Book Fair in 2010 for Hyacinthe et Rose (ed.Thierry Magnier) and in 2012 for Rêveur de cartes (ed.Gallimard Giboulées). He has been exhibited many times in France, Italy, Japan, Portugal, Switzerland and the Netherlands. His paintings can be seen at the Museum of Illustration in Moulins and the Museum of Hunting and Nature in Paris.
His exhibition at the beginning of 2020 at the Belvedere Museum in the Netherlands was a great success.

L'Imagier du vivant, his last book, was published by Seuil Jeunesse. His next album "Les deux géants" will be published in October 2021 by HongFei.

He is represented in Paris by Arsenic Galerie, rue Guénégaud and by the Adorable Art & Design gallery in The Hague.

Clara Debray

Clara Debray is a young French author and illustrator. She grew up in a small village of Chartreuse in the Alps and joined Paris for her studies. After graduating in textile design in 2016 at the Duperré school, she joined the Paris School of Decorative Arts from which she graduated in 2020.

The feeling of belonging to the environment in which she grew up has never left her. She now lives in Annecy and devotes much of her illustration work to conveying her personal sense of the mountains. She likes to draw landscapes and faces that tell stories.

Colors are essential for Clara; and traditional tools such as oil paint and pastels allow her to express herself fully.

The Scoundrels

Created in 2016 by Diane Marissal and Jérémie Leblanc, Les Canailles is a duo where the literary and artistic influences of one mix with the visual and graphic culture of the other. Whether it's illustrations, silkscreens or editing, collage is at the center of their four-handed practice.

"Our plastic universe, at the crossroads of these fields, mixes popular culture, graphic design and abstraction to explore the narrative and poetic character of images. Faced with an ambient pessimism, we want to reinstate a relationship of curiosity, fiction and dialogue with everyone, young and old."

Clément Thoby

Cément Thoby is just 29 years old and yet he is already a virtuoso of grease pencil, colored pencil and oil pastel...

After studying animation at the EMCA in Angoulême, he worked on large animation productions but above all likes to immortalize the landscapes and wild compositions he discovers during his travels.

Fascinated by the light, shadows and textures of trees, he first followed his own steps, even if Félix Valloton and the Japanese artist Kazuo Oga, DA of the Studio Ghibli films, inspired him in his art.

With his striking colors, closer to impressionist painting than to illustration, he likes to create a path to the unknown, a mysterious, peaceful and timeless atmosphere that makes you want to go there.

Virginie Cognet

Virginie Cognet began her career as a fashion designer, then became an art director, before launching herself into illustration. Her colorful and poetic line is charged with a naive lightness. We find everything she loves: freedom, plants, gardening and books...

She has collaborated with many women's magazines, including Flow Magazine, but also for the youth edition, major retailers such as BHV Marais or children's fashion.

His paintings, mostly done in gouache, are meant to be remedies against melancholy.

Sophie Brice

Sophie Brice is passionate about typography, paper and travel. In 2015, she discovered Amsterdam and its unique architecture. But where many are subjugated by the colorful facades, she sees the lines that intertwine. Fascinated by the symmetry of the buildings, she drew her first silkscreen.

From then on, each trip will be the object of a graphic interpretation translating a sharp sense of observation. Everything is meticulously thought out to fit together and reflect the very essence of the city or country illustrated.

Brice Postma

Brice Postma is a graphic designer, an illustrator, a painter and a silkscreen printer.
Sometimes all these activities telescope in his head, he is lost, he does not know where to turn. Tears are liberating, so Brice cries a lot, curls up in a corner of his studio and there, as if recharged, he comes to his senses and stakhanovizes, he paints in the morning, creates virtual brushes at noon, prints in the early afternoon and draws polar bears or maybe penguins from the end of the day until the evening.

Beatrice Alemagna

Awarded several times for her work, Beatrice Alemagna won the 2017 and 2018 Society of Illustrators Gold Medal in the United States, the Association Book Award in England and the prestigious Grand Prix de l'Illustration in France.

This self-taught, multi-awarded Tomi Ungerer fan has been living in France for twenty years. She has published more than thirty albums as an author-illustrator and her works have been translated all over the world. She has often exhibited her work at Artazart, from "petits poux" to "Un grand jour de rien".

Elsa Martino

Elsa Martino is a young illustrator, graphic designer and art director. She assumes bright colors and it is by her daring tones that we immediately recognize her work. Her line is minimalist, very graphic. Women's silhouettes, legs, buttocks or breasts, stand out on colored backgrounds. Elsa has borrowed her love for the colors that pop from David Hockney, one of her favorite artists.

As for the theme, we are in the middle of urban culture or street-culture. The young illustrator does not detail the features and faces but rather focuses on the outfits and curves of her characters. These drawings represent details of everyday life that "catch her eye".