Camille de Cussac

Camille de Cussac is a graduate of the Ecole de Condé in Paris, and is represented by the Slow Agency. She has published many books for children, including the famous "KO à Cuba" published by Thierry Magnier.

She tells funny and poetic stories with an unusual palette and always a lot of humour. Her passion for the unknown takes us on a journey through her amused and tenderised view of the zaniness of her contemporaries here and elsewhere. You could discover her on the banks of the Canal Saint Martin in January 2020.

Jeanne Macaigne

Jeanne Macaigne is a graduate of the Arts Décoratifs de Paris. She currently lives and works in Marseille, drawing inspiration from her artistic practices (theater, dance, clowning) as well as from her cultural influences - she has lived in Istanbul and Reunion Island.

She regularly draws for the press(Revue XXI, Alternatives Économiques, Le Temps, Libération etc.) and is the author and illustrator of several books: L'hiver d'Isabelle and Les coiffeurs des étoiles (MeMo editions), Changer d'air (Les Fourmis Rouges editions), Un Drôle de Lundi (Seuil jeunesse editions).

Attached to the evocation of our relationship to others and to the world around us, she writes and draws as a poet what surrounds her, as well as her inner world, in hypnotic, colorful images of striking beauty. You won't be able to resist her crazy line in the service of an unbridled imagination!

Clémence Monnet

Clémence Monnet, a graduate of the ESAD in Orléans, lives and works just outside Paris. She is an illustrator for the publishing world and the press, but she also develops a more personal work where the inspirations of Marie-Laurenci, Apollinaire or Sempé are palpable.

His very poetic work in Indian ink and watercolour has already been published many times. "Hector et les bêtes sauvages" published by Seuil Jeunesse has become a great classic of youth illustration. She has exhibited at Artazart in winter 2019 as part of the "Nuits vagabondes" exhibition in duo with the ceramist Elise Lefebvre.

Natacha Paschal

Fashion victim and illustrator, Natacha Paschal finds her inspiration in fashion magazines and advertisements. She reinterprets them with exaggerated expressions, very colourful eyeshadows, luscious mouths and carnivorous teeth...

His works are a form of response to the dominant culture and provide a humorous commentary on today's society.


Lapin is a French artist living in Barcelona. He defines himself as a "mobile illustrator", carrying his notebook and watercolours in the street, in bars, in the metro, from Texas to Shanghai. His favourite medium: old accounting books found at flea markets.

He has published some twenty facsimiles of his notebooks, including the famous "Paris, je t'aime", which gave rise to an exhibition at Artazart in summer 2016.


Founded in 2004, Kiblind is a magazine dedicated to the visual arts with a focus on contemporary French and international illustration. In autumn 2017, Kiblind opened its Atelier, in Lyon: a new space for events and production to develop the magazine's artistic project, the agency's activity and the production of creative objects, focusing on original editions and printed know-how.

It is also a global communication agency and a risography printing workshop: welcome to the illustrated and passionate world of Kiblind: Magazine + Agency + Workshop. We share with them summer exhibitions like the famous "Détours de France" since 2019 but also the passion for books, illustrations and good cold beer...

Agnès Audras

Agnès Audras is a multidisciplinary artist, graduated from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs (ensAD), whose creations are as much about graphic or plastic projects as about interventions in space, scenography or architecture.

His curiosity for different modes of representation and materials encourages him to explore a variety of means of expression and to push the limits of his creation.
Some of his works, exhibited in France and abroad in numerous events, have been selected by Nikon and supported by the Drac Ile-de-France.

His project "Roofs and views of Paris" is an aerial and poetic architectural stroll, to the rhythm of chimneys and zinc lines.
Made with a 3d pen, the paintings, all unique, with delicate reliefs, are halfway between drawing and sculpture.

Agnès Hostache

After working as an art director in advertising and then in an interior design agency, Agnès Hostache is, to our great delight, a full-time illustrator. She likes to transcribe, with gouache or acrylic, the little things of everyday life, these scenes composed of tiny details that we would have missed but which really tell our life...

Trained in applied arts, it is certainly her training in interior design that gave her a taste for telling the story of interiors and the lives of their inhabitants. Close to the "Mingei udo" movement (Japanese popular art movement of the 1920s-1930s), she exhibited at Artazart at the end of 2018 "Portraits d'illustres inconnus et autres petits riens". Her first graphic novel "Nagasaki" adapted from the French novel (by Eric Faye), is a miracle of delicate sobriety. It was awarded a prize at the 47th Angoulême Festival.

Antoine Corbineau

A graduate of Camberwell College of Arts in London and the École Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Strasbourg, illustrator Antoine Corbineau is often featured on the front page of Libé, the New York Times and Télérama.

With his sense of detail, his humour and his colourful universe, you must have noticed him...
His world, that of spatial representation, can be found in his books: "Séries TV : le grand jeu" and "Les villes du monde" published by Milan. In 2018, he exhibited "Villes & Séries", on the edge of the canal...

Séverine Assous

After graduating from the École Supérieure Nationale des Arts Décoratifs de Paris (metal engraving section), Séverine Assous worked for several years as an art director in various advertising agencies in Paris.

She now devotes herself entirely to illustration and is represented by Michel Lagarde's Illustrissimo agency.

Léa Maupetit

Léa Maupetit is a young illustrator who lives and works in Paris.

In gouache and acrylic she creates a colourful, joyful and humorous universe where dogs, doves and elephants with glasses smile at life. The café terraces and markets resound with the echoes of precious moments and the sun shines on nature and its fruits...

Léa exhibited at Artazart, 'A Colourful Spring' in 2018.

Gaspard De Lalune

Gaspard de Lalune was born in 1876 in Bordeaux. He began his career as an artist in 1898 and is said to have participated in the DADA movement before the surrealist discord. Author and thinker, he made plans to escape the gravity of life by means of word games and deliberately absurd approximations. Mixing engravings and typography, his ambition was to revolutionise the way society thought at the time. He panache with poetry, potty humour and incandescent aesthetics. Often with his head in the moon and his eyebrow raised, he nevertheless keeps his feet on the ground, he likes croissants and says "chocolatine".
He is one of those who fight for the best and for laughter. Not a drunken alcoholic, he enjoys the passing of time like an epicurean desperately seeking a meaning to life, knowing full well that life has no meaning...

Artazart exhibited 'Down to Earth' in 2018.

Julien Pacaud

Strongly influenced by cinema (he studied film at the Louis Lumière School), Julien Pacaud is now considered one of the masters of digital art. He composes surrealistic digital collages from a bank of old photos that he collects daily. Each of his creations is an invitation to a journey into parallel universes where the past and the future, the improbable and the impossible, the futile and the metaphysical meet...

Artazart exhibited 'Our Separate Worlds' in 2018.

Evelyne Mary

Evelyne Mary spent her childhood in the south of France, near the wild valleys of the Mercantour massif, before studying applied arts at Olivier de Serres and then illustration at Estienne.

As she misses the mountains of her childhood, she draws a lot of them. The rest of her time is divided between engraving, illustration and graphic design. Her linocut practice is based on the use of a vocabulary of engraved forms, which she regularly enriches with new pieces.
She often summons the elements: rocks, lava, clouds, water, mountains, wind. Men and animals move, freeze, then observe a scene that seems to escape us. Leaving white, space, a place for the imagination of the viewer. She exhibited at Artazart in 2017 and launched her latest book "Moi mon ombre" there.


HifuMiyo, pseudonym of Miyoko Ogawa, is a Japanese illustrator who has been living in Lyon for several years. She studied at the University of Arts in Kyoto where she specialised in silk-screen printing.

Her first personal project "Carnet de voyage en France", a series of illustrations depicting the atmosphere of everyday life from the point of view of a Japanese woman, was nominated for the Berlin International Graphic Design Competition "Young Illustrators Award 2014". She is represented by Agent 002, one of Michel Lagarde's three illustrator agencies. Her luminous illustrations, inspired by the silkscreen technique, have a unique touch of softness and delicacy...