Niels Stoltenborg

Like many children who grew up in the countryside, Niels Stoltenborg was amazed by plants, an inexhaustible source of fascination and surprise. He remembers telling his grandmother that he wanted to become a gardener.

He did not become a gardener. He studied photography, graphic design and drawing. As a freelancer, he was a photography and production assistant. In the 90s, he set up a studio in Istanbul for advertising and magazines. Today, he devotes himself entirely to his artistic and photographic creation.

In Vegetalism, Niels Stoltenborg's childlike fascination with the earth emerges again. His work starts from an intuition: the colors and shapes of fruits and vegetables have both a potential for abstraction and something to tell us.


Victory Orth

Victoire Orth is a young French photographer from Lyon living in Paris. Passionate about photography for several years, it was during a trip to Brussels that she met Gil Rigoulet and became his assistant. A collaboration that turned into a beautiful story of friendship and that leads Gil today to sponsor his assistant in order to make his work better known.

"Met in the chance of life, a look, words, in a draught of the main square of Brussels, Victoire long as the eye, the film camera on the hip, the fresh eye of these 18 years does not make that meanders of a questioning. She poses to herself, looks into her sensitivity and explores this natural light that brushes the skin like an intensity of having to live, her world is her proximity, her look is her awareness to build between graphics and emotion. She is hungry for requirement and goes fast...
Victoire has been assisting me for 8 months, a joy! "

Gil Rigoulet

Harry Gruyaert

Born in Belgium in 1941, Harry Gruyaert studied photography and film. He made a few films as a director of photography for Flemish television before turning to color photography in his adopted Paris in the early 1960s and then traveling from the late 1970s to the present day to bring us back from his various travels some incredible shots (Morocco, Egypt, United States, India...).

In 1982, he joined Magnum Photos. He likes to work in different environments, with contrasting lights and colors. He lives in Paris and is represented by Gallery 51 in Antwerp.

G. Magder & G. Lebrun

Guillaume Lebrun & Gaëlle Magder are two photographers, passionate and in love with Brittany. They live and work in Paris and founded the photographic production workshop Diptik.

Malouins, of origin and adoption, they travel in the most remote countries of our world but draw their energy and vitality in the spray of Saint Malo.
In search of images and atypical points of view, the photographers have crisscrossed the land of Saint Malo from the Pointe de la Varde to Intra-muros, from the Vauban Basin to the Havre du Lupin, from the City of Aleth to the Grand Bé.
In their photographs, there are as many natural and organic materials (sea, sand, seaweed...) as materials shaped by man over the centuries and eras (ramparts, breakwaters, sculpted rocks...).

This duo series was the subject of a photographic card "This is not a map" published by Poetry Wanted.

Jean-Baptiste Pellerin aka Backtothestreet

In 1990, after graduating from photography school, Jean-Baptiste Pellerin rushed to the streets to put into practice what he had learned. During a long period, he practiced what is called "stolen photography" in the working class neighborhoods of major cities. In 2015, it is the turning point. He watches the real-fake documentary of BANKSY "Make the wall" and then makes documentary films and a report on the refugees of La Porte de la Chapelle. The idea of giving back to the street what he had taken from it, appeared to him as an evidence. The stolen portraits are restored.

Since then, using the biggest gallery, the street, under the name of BACKTOTHESTREET and according to this concept, he sticks his photos under glass on the walls of the big cities of the whole world.
Today, there are more than 4000 small postcard-sized photos (10x15cm) that have been sealed between a ceramic tile and a glass plate and then cemented onto city walls. You could also discover them at Artazart in spring 2020.

Gil Rigoulet

In 1984, Gil Rigoulet became the first regular photographer for the newspaper Le Monde, with which he collaborated for more than 20 years. In 1986, Robert Doisneau presented his images in Photo Magazine and Christian Caujolle exhibited him at the Deligny swimming pool for "Vivre en maillot de bain", alongside Joseph Koudelka, Marc Riboud, William Klein, Helmut Newton and Jacques-Henri Lartigue.

He regularly collaborates with many national and international magazines and his work has been exhibited, among others, at the Rencontres d'Arles, at the Musée du Montparnasse, at Paris Photo by Agnès b...

Gil is known for his Street Photo of the 70's and 80's, his series "Corps & Eau" - from which "Molitor 85" and "Rockabilly 82" are extracted - in b&w film. After an intimate work entitled "My Days, My Nights" and "Sacred Landscapes" made with Polaroid 665, he dives back into the world of the 80's with "Pola Pool" and becomes the French ambassador of Polaroid Originals.

He exhibited at Artazart in late 2019.