François Chalet, a Swiss illustrator with an unbridled, joyful and humorous style, exhibited at Artazart from 29 October to 12 November 2000.

It was the first of a long, talented and colourful series that, over the past 20 years, has covered all the styles and letters of the alphabet. Beatrice Alemagna, Gérard Lo Monaco, Evelyne Mary, UG, Lili Scratchy, Clémence Monnet, Séverine Assous, Antoine Corbineau, Agnès Hostache, Lapin, Monsieur Z, Charlotte Molas, Cruschiform, Gaspard de Lalune, Jeanne Macaigne, HifuMiyo, Elsa Martino, Julien Pacaud, Léa Maupetit, Tom Haugomat... their talents have delighted our walls and our hearts

Here they are, printed in limited edition and signed, ready to be installed in your home!

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