Payne's moon - Ljubisa Danilovic

Lamaindonne -

Book signed by the author

22 x 26.5 cm 100 pages


"I read in an astrophysics book, which has become my bible, that the most natural movement in the universe is falling, imperceptible and inexorable. Everything falls towards extinction. I think that the intuition of this slow slide along the curves of space-time is deeply inscribed in us. I even believe that it is the origin of the secret sadness hidden in everything. It is this intuition that I aim to transcribe in my book, like the acceptance of our finitude and a certain serenity in the face of it.

In 2015, Ljubisa Danilovic published The Russian Desert with Lamaindonne. The book, acclaimed by the public and critics, is now out of print. Three years later, Payne's Moon, his new publication, shows a radically different side of the photographer's work.

Ljubisa Danilovic has made several trips to the Danube Delta in recent years and in this book offers us a surprising and delicate portrait of this place. A land of sky and water where time seems to slow down, where the heart begins to beat more quietly and the mind calms down. Photographs that are as close as possible to the subject, without any frills, that go to the essential. The wide palette of greys in the photographs gives them a softness and a certain melancholy. A series with a beautiful artistic mastery...

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