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Format 28 x 20 cm. Hardcover book.


It was in 1994 that Bruce Gilden landed for the first time in Japan thanks to the support of the Villa Medicis. During this trip, which will be followed by 3 others until 2001, he explores the meanders of the streets of a country that has always fascinated him.
The photographer cites without hesitation the 1974 MoMA exhibition of Japanese photography, entitled "New Japanese Photography", as one of his most important sources of inspiration. From Tokyo to Osaka, he discovers the Japanese metropolis with his own particular way of photographing. Each image is an encounter, very close, powerful, which hides a story. Gilden's work is made like this, he approaches, talks, tells, photographs and creates the picture of a unique street scene. In search of personalities as strong as his own, Gilden will transcribe his vision of Japan through the details that surround him: the costume of a man, the hat of another, or the posture of a woman. All these elements, which give strength to the images, form a striking whole, at the margin, like him. In Cherry Blossom, the American photographer tells the story of his travels and his ties to Japan in an introductory text, which is rare. The stories that live alongside these images, whether an anecdote or a dialogue with the characters, make the American photographer's vision even more contemporary than ever.

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