COCON - Clara Debray


A6 size illustration. Fine art printing.


Painter and illustrator, Clara Debray was born among the summits. The feeling of belonging to the alpine environment in which she grew up has never left her. Today, she devotes a large part of her work to transmitting her love of nature by drawing landscapes and bodies, witnesses of the emotions felt in front of the immensity.

In her work, Clara Debray is guided by the living. She finds pleasure in the materials of oil paint and pastels and her palette is composed of the colors of the dawn - colors of emotion, which forget the reason to leave place to the intuitions and the feeling.

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Clara Debray

Clara Debray is a young French author and illustrator. She grew up in a small village of Chartreuse in the Alps and moved to Paris for her studies. After graduating in textile design in 2016 at the Duperré school, she joined the Paris School of Decorative Arts from which she graduated in 2020.

The sense of belonging to the environment in which she grew up has never left her. She now lives in Annecy and devotes much of her illustration work to conveying her personal feeling for the mountains. She likes to draw landscapes and faces that tell stories.

Colours are important to Clara, and traditional tools such as oil paint and pastels allow her to express herself fully.