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Limited edition.

Format 31x23 cm. 44 pages. 31 color photos.


Meet Didier Goupy on Tuesday, September 27 at 6:00 p.m. for a book signing!

With Promontories of Silence, Didier Goupy gives us an experience of the forest and the sensations it provides. The photographer worked for 5 years on this series, mainly in the French forests. If this work is originally linked to his childhood, it is the confinement of the spring of 2020 that definitively opens his eyes after 3 full months spent in the forest of Retz photographing it daily.

"The very pictorial aspect of these images has a logical reason and has nothing to do with the idea of imitating painting.

I was born at the edge of the forest of Evreux. In a baby carriage or a stroller, I am still only a few months old when I am installed under the canopy. My first visual excitements are those of a baby who must be sensitive to the movement of colors above his head. Nothing at this age has a name yet, nothing is differentiated. Only color and movement appear to me together. The color is the question of the painters before being, later, that of certain photographers.

However, I am not a painter and I use photography, which captures the moment, highlights a particular moment, even a crucial one, a memory, here very joyful and especially an emotion.

With a preface by Charlotte Rampling and a text by Marie Françoise Le Saux.

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