SAINT-MALO 15 - LES BRISES-LAMES N°1 - G. Magder & G. Lebrun

Photographic print

Image 16 x 16 cm. Format 21 x 21 cm with white borders.


Gaëlle Magder, Breton by adoption, and Guillaume Lebrun, originally from Saint-Malo, have realized this series of photographs during several stays in their promised land. These photographs draw up an intimate and moving portrait of this territory which inspires them so much...

With this series, the photographers were able to take a fresh look at the emblematic places of Saint-Malo already photographed so much.

The work of Gaëlle Magder and Guillaume Lebrun is part of a series entitled "This is not a map". A collection developed by the publishing house Poetry Wanted and its founder Rémi Noël and exhibited at Artazart in May 2019.

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G. Magder & G. Lebrun

Guillaume Lebrun & Gaëlle Magder are two photographers, passionate and in love with Brittany. They live and work in Paris and founded the photographic production workshop Diptik.

Malouins, of origin and adoption, they travel in the most remote countries of our world but draw their energy and vitality in the spray of Saint Malo.
In search of images and atypical points of view, the photographers have crisscrossed the land of Saint Malo from the Pointe de la Varde to Intra-muros, from the Vauban Basin to the Havre du Lupin, from the City of Aleth to the Grand Bé.
In their photographs, there are as many natural and organic materials (sea, sand, seaweed...) as materials shaped by man over the centuries and eras (ramparts, breakwaters, sculpted rocks...).

This duo series was the subject of a photographic card "This is not a map" published by Poetry Wanted.