A DIFFERENT MONDAY - Jeanne Macaigne

Seuil Jeunesse -

RELEASE DATE: 14/10/2022

Format 21x29cm. 56 pages.


On the occasion of the release of this new album, Jeanne Macaigne exhibits illustrations from the book and her personal work at Artazart, from October 20 to December 11, 2022.

Opening and book signing on Thursday, October 20, 2022!

One Sunday afternoon, Nena, sighs about her fate as a child (the grass always seems greener elsewhere!) and proposes to a little ant that trots on her hand to change skin with her. The child then discovers the difficult, laborious life in the ant farm with its joys and sorrows. The ant, on the other hand, settles into the comfortable life of a child, who goes to school every day and is part of human society... Each explores the other's life, changing scale, one suddenly so small in a huge world and the other lost in a world she struggles to understand. It becomes difficult when they want to change things, to bring a bit of ant's rigor in the classroom or a bit of human's poetry in the anthill...

Filled with details, funny and tender, Jeanne Macaigne's images carry us away. The designer sometimes flirts with the comic strip and enjoys comparing these two worlds that everything opposes.

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Jeanne Macaigne

Jeanne Macaigne is a graduate of the Arts Décoratifs de Paris. She currently lives and works in Marseille, drawing inspiration from her artistic practices (theater, dance, clowning) as well as from her cultural influences - she has lived in Istanbul and Reunion Island.

She regularly draws for the press(Revue XXI, Alternatives Économiques, Le Temps, Libération etc.) and is the author and illustrator of several books: L'hiver d'Isabelle and Les coiffeurs des étoiles (MeMo editions), Changer d'air (Les Fourmis Rouges editions), Un Drôle de Lundi (Seuil jeunesse editions).

Attached to the evocation of our relationship to others and to the world around us, she writes and draws as a poet what surrounds her, as well as her inner world, in hypnotic, colorful images of striking beauty. You won't be able to resist her crazy line in the service of an unbridled imagination!