VOLTA - Gabrielle Duplantier

Lamaindonne -

Hardcover. Signed.

Format 21 x 26.7 cm. 128 pages. 95 two-colour photographs.


Volta" in Portuguese means " around", " back", " stroll", but also " change". Gabrielle Duplantier's photographs are like this word: erratic, crossed by fascinating figures, discreetly anchored between reality and fiction. Her wanderings always bring her back to her native land and to her loved ones, and her photographs, both twilight and bright, are so many enigmas that link beings to places.

Gabrielle Duplantier seems to practice photography as a horsewoman, a dancer, a fencer, in other words, allured, the wind in her hair, the straight look, the lively, untied movement; they rally her images which weave together ardour and grace; they remind us that photography is here an art of gesture. "

extract from the preface, Maylis de Kerangal

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