Brice Postma

Brice Postma is a graphic designer, an illustrator, a painter and a silkscreen printer.
Sometimes all these activities telescope in his head, he is lost, he does not know where to turn. Tears are liberating, so Brice cries a lot, curls up in a corner of his studio and there, as if recharged, he comes to his senses and stakhanovizes, he paints in the morning, creates virtual brushes at noon, prints in the early afternoon and draws polar bears or maybe penguins from the end of the day until the evening.

G. Magder & G. Lebrun

Guillaume Lebrun & Gaëlle Magder are two photographers, passionate and in love with Brittany. They live and work in Paris and founded the photographic production workshop Diptik.

Malouins, of origin and adoption, they travel in the most remote countries of our world but draw their energy and vitality in the spray of Saint Malo.
In search of images and atypical points of view, the photographers have crisscrossed the land of Saint Malo from the Pointe de la Varde to Intra-muros, from the Vauban Basin to the Havre du Lupin, from the City of Aleth to the Grand Bé.
In their photographs, there are as many natural and organic materials (sea, sand, seaweed...) as materials shaped by man over the centuries and eras (ramparts, breakwaters, sculpted rocks...).

This duo series was the subject of a photographic card "This is not a map" published by Poetry Wanted.

Beatrice Alemagna

Awarded several times for her work, Beatrice Alemagna won the 2017 and 2018 Society of Illustrators Gold Medal in the United States, the Association Book Award in England and the prestigious Grand Prix de l'Illustration in France.

This self-taught, multi-awarded Tomi Ungerer fan has been living in France for twenty years. She has published more than thirty albums as an author-illustrator and her works have been translated all over the world. She has often exhibited her work at Artazart, from "petits poux" to "Un grand jour de rien".

Jean-Baptiste Pellerin aka Backtothestreet

In 1990, after graduating from photography school, Jean-Baptiste Pellerin rushed to the streets to put into practice what he had learned. During a long period, he practiced what is called "stolen photography" in the working class neighborhoods of major cities. In 2015, it is the turning point. He watches the real-fake documentary of BANKSY "Make the wall" and then makes documentary films and a report on the refugees of La Porte de la Chapelle. The idea of giving back to the street what he had taken from it, appeared to him as an evidence. The stolen portraits are restored.

Since then, using the biggest gallery, the street, under the name of BACKTOTHESTREET and according to this concept, he sticks his photos under glass on the walls of the big cities of the whole world.
Today, there are more than 4000 small postcard-sized photos (10x15cm) that have been sealed between a ceramic tile and a glass plate and then cemented onto city walls. You could also discover them at Artazart in spring 2020.

Elsa Martino

Elsa Martino is a young illustrator, graphic designer and art director. She assumes bright colors and it is by her daring tones that we immediately recognize her work. Her line is minimalist, very graphic. Women's silhouettes, legs, buttocks or breasts, stand out on colored backgrounds. Elsa has borrowed her love for the colors that pop from David Hockney, one of her favorite artists.

As for the theme, we are in the middle of urban culture or street-culture. The young illustrator does not detail the features and faces but rather focuses on the outfits and curves of her characters. These drawings represent details of everyday life that "catch her eye".

Camille de Cussac

Camille de Cussac is a graduate of the Ecole de Condé in Paris, and is represented by the Slow Agency. She has published many books for children, including the famous "KO à Cuba" published by Thierry Magnier.

It is with a palette that is out of the ordinary and always a lot of humor that she tells funny and poetic stories. Her passion for the unknown makes us travel far, through her amused and tenderized look at the zaniness of her contemporaries from here and elsewhere. You could discover her at the edge of the canal Saint Martin in January 2020.

Jeanne Macaigne

Jeanne Macaigne is a graduate of the Arts Décoratifs de Paris. She currently lives and works in Marseille, drawing inspiration from her artistic practices (theater, dance, clowning) as well as from her cultural influences - she has lived in Istanbul and Reunion Island.

She regularly draws for the press(Revue XXI, Alternatives Économiques, Le Temps, Libération etc.) and is the author and illustrator of several books: L'hiver d'Isabelle and Les coiffeurs des étoiles (MeMo editions), Changer d'air (Les Fourmis Rouges editions), Un Drôle de Lundi (Seuil jeunesse editions).

Attached to the evocation of our relationship to others and to the world around us, she writes and draws as a poet what surrounds her, as well as her inner world, in hypnotic, colorful images of striking beauty. You won't be able to resist her crazy line in the service of an unbridled imagination!

Clémence Monnet

Clémence Monnet, a graduate of the ESAD in Orléans, lives and works just outside Paris. Illustrator for the publishing and press world, she also develops a more personal work where the inspirations of Marie-Laurenci, Apollinaire or Sempé are palpable.

His very poetic work in Indian ink and watercolor has already been published many times. "Hector et les bêtes sauvages" at Seuil Jeunesse has become a classic of youth illustration. She exhibited at Artazart in winter 2019 as part of the exhibition "Nuits vagabondes" in duo with the ceramist Elise Lefebvre.

Natacha Paschal

Fashion victim and illustrator, Natacha Paschal finds her inspiration in fashion magazines and advertisements. She reinterprets them with exaggerated expressions, very colored eyeshadows, pulpy mouths and carnivorous teeth...

His works are a form of response to the dominant culture and provide a humorous commentary on today's society.

Lili Scratchy

Lili Scratchy's work is characterized by a real optimism, bright colors and especially the desire to touch everything. Children's books, publishing, press, stationery, board games, textiles or ceramics, everything attracts and inspires her! Her children and children in general, art brut and Japanese design, are one of her sources of inspiration.


Lapin is a French artist living in Barcelona. He defines himself as a "mobile illustrator", carrying his notebook and watercolors in the street, in bars, in the subway, from Texas to Shanghai. His medium of choice: old accounting books found at flea markets.

He has published about twenty facsimiles of his notebooks, including the famous "Paris, je t'aime" which gave rise to an exhibition at Artazart in the summer of 2016.

Agnès Hostache

After working as an art director in advertising and then in an interior design agency, Agnès Hostache is, to our great delight, a full-time illustrator. She likes to transcribe, with gouache or acrylic, the little things of everyday life, these scenes composed of tiny details that we would have missed but that really tell our life...

Trained in applied arts, it is certainly her training in interior design that gave her a taste for telling the story of interiors and the lives of its inhabitants. Close to the "Mingei udo" movement (Japanese popular art movement of the 1920s-1930s), she exhibited at Artazart at the end of 2018 "Portraits of Illustrious Unknowns and Other Small Things". Her first graphic novel "Nagasaki" adapted from the French novel (by Eric Faye), is a miracle of delicate sobriety. It was awarded at the 47th edition of the Festival of Angoulême.

Gil Rigoulet

In 1984, Gil Rigoulet became the first regular photographer for the newspaper Le Monde, with which he collaborated for more than 20 years. In 1986, Robert Doisneau presented his images in Photo Magazine and Christian Caujolle exhibited him at the Deligny swimming pool for "Vivre en maillot de bain", alongside Joseph Koudelka, Marc Riboud, William Klein, Helmut Newton and Jacques-Henri Lartigue.

He regularly collaborates with many national and international magazines and his work has been exhibited, among others, at the Rencontres d'Arles, at the Musée du Montparnasse, at Paris Photo by Agnès b...

Gil is known for his Street Photo of the 70's and 80's, his series "Corps & Eau" - from which "Molitor 85" and "Rockabilly 82" are extracted - in b&w film. After an intimate work entitled "My Days, My Nights" and "Sacred Landscapes" made with Polaroid 665, he dives back into the world of the 80's with "Pola Pool" and becomes the French ambassador of Polaroid Originals.

He exhibited at Artazart in late 2019.

Antoine Corbineau

A graduate of Camberwell College of Arts in London and the École Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Strasbourg, illustrator Antoine Corbineau is often featured on the front page of Libé, the New York Times and Télérama.

With his sense of detail, his humor and his colorful universe, you must have noticed him...
His world, that of spatial representation, can be found in his books: "TV series: the great game" and "Cities of the world" published by Milan. He exhibited in 2018 " Villes & Séries ", at the edge of the canal...

Séverine Assous

After graduating from the École Supérieure Nationale des Arts Décoratifs de Paris (metal engraving section), Séverine Assous worked for several years as an art director in various advertising agencies in Paris.

She is now entirely devoted to illustration and is represented by Michel Lagarde's Illustrissimo agency.